The Board- a piece of cardboard which tracks various chug times attempts. Current boards include the 12oz bottle chug time, the 24oz Steel Reserve chug time, and the 40oz chug time.

Brahim Brew- coffee from the deli.

Brahimwich- a sandwich from the deli.

Brain Biting- the worst hangover possible, caused by St. Ides (see below). The Ides mascot is a dog growling, get it?

Competitor Deli- deli 1 block away with larger selection the the deli.

Competitor Competitor Deli- the deli 2 blocks away with even bigger selection than competitor deli.

Deli- the 24/7 deli downstairs. see post.

Eye of the Storm- the period of time once all guests have left for the day, but before any return. The only time the place is quiet or empty.

GameChanger- see post

Gauntlet- the dimly lit block between the subway and our apartment.

The Gap- the 10-12 foot gap between our room and the neighbors. The drop is about 60 feet, and would likely lead to instant death, but discussions of ‘jumping the gap’ are often.

The Haul- the amount of the candy Swedish Fish brought back into the hostel.

Ides- a potent malt liquor (8.2%). It is the beverage of choice at the hostel, first picked due to it looking ‘the most disgusting’ of all choices in the deli.

Ides Bomb- to drop a shot of liquor into a cup of Ides and chug.

Instant Death- the edge of our roof. In parts there is a mere 2 feet of ledge preventing someone from falling off the roof to an ‘instant death’.

Moving Day- a day with many check-outs/check-ins.

Pidgeon Pit- where the pigeons go to die. It is the section between brownstones left open so light can circulate into the interior windows. Pigeons fly down, then are too weak to fly out.

Roofin It- to go on the roof

Second Roof- the roof above our roof belonging to our neighbors. It is higher, and has better views of Manhattan.

Wet Towel- the anti-gamechanger. They put out the party. Quick.