Today, this term is overused. Not everything, nor everyone, can be ‘game-changing’.

Drink a 12 pack and think you’re the man? You’re an embarrassment.
Hook up with a foreigner? Who hasn’t.
Tell me about your ‘crazy’ trip to Costa Rica? Get da fuck outta here.

4 St. Ides chased with shots of jager.
Or a threesome in the living room.
Or the time you rode your bike from Cape Town to Cairo.
NOW we’re talkin.

For a statistical representation to put this in perspective, we have had 8-12 game changers out of close to 400 guests.
So, at the high end, game-changers exist in 3% of people who come through our door.

You have a better chance of getting into Harvard than being crowned a game-changer here.

And this says more than you first think. If they are even coming into our door, they are likely more adventurous than the majority of the population. So if you achieve that percentage here, you really are the creme de la creme.

Often belligerently drunk, frequently confusing the living room for a restroom, and betting other guests they can jump the 10 foot gap between our roof and the the neighbor’s, a gamechanger shows up partying. They can turn a room full of strangers into best friends in an hour flat. They bring people together, and bring out the party animal in all of them. They keep people laughing, and don’t slow down.

Have you ever seen that movie Van Wilder? You know that scene when he gets tricked into going to that girls house full of stuck up old people? She leaves the room for a bit, and comes back to find her mom and dad’s snotty friends doing tequila shots off each other’s exposed chests? Gamechanger.

Persuasive, extroverted, a game changer also isn’t completely result oriented. Although his/her best efforts will go towards getting others to have more fun, in the end, they will still party solo if need be. Dancing with no others, playing drinking games by themselves if necessary, the gamechanger is most concerned in having a good time, regardless of what others think.

But if you think you are going to show up, get drunk, crack a joke or two, and call yourself a gamechanger, you are wrong. Being a game changer takes more than that. It takes dedication. It take a humor level that you likely don’t possess. It takes drinking so far removed from ‘casual’ that it can only be called aggressive. Mostly, it requires shocking or amusing my roommate and I by your antics at the hostel, which with each day becomes more and more difficult.

Gamechanger at the Hostel. The pinnacle of human achievement.